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Registered Ok
Accident Ok
Odometer Ok
Recall Bad
Safety grade Ok
Average price 995000
Contamination risk no problem
Filling time 2016-07-19 15:00:01
Chassis number GRS201-0006403
Manufacture date 2011-06
Body GRS201
Engine 4GRFSE
Drive 4WD
Transmission AT
Drs points 33.81
Drs evaluation ★★★★★★
Drs goal average 94
Frs points 22.49
Frs evaluation ★★★★★★
Frs goal average 94
Dry stop distance 44.4
Wet stop distance 51.4
Safety grade ★★★★★★

Contaminated region No data
Contamination test No data
Commercial usage No data
Inspection history
Action Date Source Location Mileage
Manufactured 2011-06 TOYOTA
First registration 2011-06 MLIT
Inspection 2014-05-30 MLIT 37700
Last registration 2016-06-24 MLIT Naniwa
Auctioned 2016-07-06 MIRIVE Saitama 63000
Auctioned 2016-07-13 MIRIVE Saitama 63000
Odometer history
Date Source Mileage
2014-05-30 MLIT 37700
2016-07-06 MIRIVE 63000
2016-07-13 MIRIVE 63000
Recall history
Date Source Affected_part Details
2013-01-16 MLIT Equipment Other In mars light of the police car, since the structure of the upper and lower covers tightening part it is inappropriate, there is a crack occurs in the tightening part by the influence of vibration and solar radiation heat at the time of travel. Therefore, to continue to accept, there is a possibility that the clamping part has an upper cover falls off damaged.

First gear ratio 3.520 Fuel tank equipment 71
Second gear ratio 2.042 Grade data ROYAL SALOON i-FOUR SPECIAL PACKAGE
Third gear ratio 1.400 Height 1.485
Fourth gear ratio 1.000 Length 4.870
Fifth gear ratio 0.716 Main brakes type HYDRAULIC TYPE, FRONT: DISK BACK: DISK
Sixth gear ratio 0.586 Data make TOYOTA
Additional notes AETQH Maximum speed 180
Airbag position Minimum ground clearance 0.150
Body rear overhang 1120 Minimum turning radius 5.4
Body type BOX TYPE Model data CROWN
Chassis number embossing position COWL TOP PANEL RIGHT SIDE Model code DBA-GRS201
Classification code 0025 Mufflers number 主:2 副:1
Cylinders V6 LENGTHWAY Rear shaft weight 770
Displacement 2.499 Rear shock absorber type 筒 SHAPE,複動 TYPE
Electric engine type Rear stabilizer type TORSION BAR TYPE
Electric engine maximum output Rear tires size 215/55R17 93V 215/60R16 95H
Electric engine maximum torque Rear tread 1.535
Electric engine power Reverse ratio 3.224
Engine maximum power 149/6400( NET) Riding capacity 5
Engine maximum torque 243/4800( NET) Side brakes type MACHINE CAR WHEEL制動 SHAPE( DRUM TYPE)
Engine model 4GR Specification code 16054
Frame type SOLID STRUCTURE Stopping distance 48(100)
Front shaft weight 910 Transmission type AT
Front shock absorber type 筒 SHAPE,複動 TYPE Weight 1680
Front stabilizer type TORSION BAR TYPE Wheel alignment 2D-2D
Front tires size 215/55R17 93V 215/60R16 95H Wheelbase 2.850
Front tread 1.535 Width 1.795
Fuel consumption 11.6